Rational Formulation Design

Formulating the final composition for agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food products is a key step in product development. With COSMOtherm you can predict the best suited solvent or cosolvent for your formulation. By focusing on the most promising compositions, the experimental effort will be reduced while the quality of your formulations will be maintained or improved.

Solvent screening

Find the optimal solvent for any ingredient! In many cases one or more key ingredients (e.g. pharmacological actives, UV-filters, flavors or fragrances) need to be properly dissolved within the formulation. By predicting the solubility in a set of pure solvents or even in typical formulations you can focus on mixtures with the desired properties.


As the main ingredients of a formulation often cannot be replaced, co-solvents can be very useful to achieve the required properties. Use COSMOtherm to screen for suitable co-solvents for your formulation.

Temperature dependence

By estimating properties at either lowered or elevated temperatures COSMOtherm supports your investigations regarding the temperature stability of your formulations.


It might be crucial to know in which phase your compounds reside. Will they transfer to the human skin or plant cuticula or will they remain inside the formulation? Answer these questions with COSMOtherm by calculating any two-phase partition between 200 K and 500 K.