• COSMOperm extension of COSMOmic enables prediction of membrane permeation
  • 5th COSMO-RS symposium in Cologne
  • Best pka predictions in SAMPL6 from Prof. Stefan Grimme using quantum chemistry and COSMO-RS
  • COSMOlogic team wins the SAMPL5 on water-cyclohexane partitioning
  • 4th COSMO-RS symposium in Bonn, celebrity of "10 years of COSMO-RS


  • The conformation generator COSMOconf is release
  • COSMOquick, COSMOsim3D and COSMOsar3D are released
  • Introduction of a new high accuracy level for COSMOtherm: BP-TZVPD-FINE
  • COSMOlogic wins the 6th Industrial Fluid Property Simulation Challenge


  • 3rd COSMO-RS symposium on occasion of the 10th company anniversary
  • Best contribution to the SAMPL2 challenge on blind prediction of hydration free energy
  • 1st and 2nd price in the 5th NIST/COMSEF-Industrial Fluid Property Simulation Challenge
  • COSMOmic is introduced
  • The TURBOMOLE graphical user interface TmoleX is launched
  • COSMOlogic becomes the exclusive distributor for TURBOMOLE
  • COSMOthermX is launched


  • 1st COSMO-RS symposium on occasion of the 5th company anniversary
  • COSMOlogic wins the 1st Industrial Fluid Property Simulation Challenge
  • COSMObaseIL, a special purpose database for ionic liquids is introduced
  • Introduction of multi-conformer handling in COSMOtherm and COSMO-RS
  • COSMOlogic and RYOKA Systems Inc. start a long-term collaboration


  • Andreas Klamt starts COSMOlogic in 1999 to focus on COSMO and COSMO-RS
  • First VLE phase diagrams with COSMO-RS
  • The first quantitative COSMO-RS is published in J. Phys. Chem., 1998
  • First publication of COSMO-RS in 1995


  • COSMO-RS is invented
  • COSMO is released in MOPAC93 and MOPAC7 and published in J. Chem. Soc. Perkin 2
  • The idea for the Conductor like Screening Model (COSMO) is born