COSMOlogic Team

We are chemists, physicists, and application developers devoted to science at the interface between Computational Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Thermodynamics. We build solutions to support our customers in their daily work.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Klamt – CEO, Theoretical Physicist

Andreas is founder and CEO of COSMOlogic. He worked at Bayer AG for 12 years and was head of the Computational Chemistry Group when he left in 1999 to focus on the advancement of COSMO-RS and COSMOtherm in his own company. He is an honorary professor of physical chemistry at the University of Regensburg. Though Andreas manages all business related matters, he is still the mastermind behind new COSMO-RS related developments and pushes science to new frontiers at COSMOlogic.

Dr. Frank Eckert – Theoretical Chemist

Frank already joined COSMOlogic when the company was first formed in 1999. He wrote most of the COSMOtherm code and is involved in the scientific development, quality management and maintenance of several of COSMOlogic’s program packages. Over the years, he has specialized in chemical engineering thermodynamics, including process modelling & CAPE-OPEN, and physicochemical properties. Frank is also an expert for reaction mechanisms and pka calculation. Together with Jens, he is responsible for the COSMOtherm customer support.

Dr. Michael Diedenhofen – Computational Chemist

Michael joined COSMOlogic in 2001. At COSMOlogic he maintains the COSMO implementation in TURBOMOLE and developed the COSMOconf tool. Michael is experienced in a broad range of application studies involving Quantum Chemistry and COSMOtherm. He is also an expert in Ionic Liquid applications. Together with Uwe and Arnim he is responsible for the TURBOMOLE support.

Dr. Karin Wichmann – Computational Chemist

Karin joined COSMOlogic in 2004. She has experience in general quantum chemistry applications and reaction mechanisms. At COSMOlogic she is engaged in life science applications involving COSMO-RS. Together with Arnim she works on COSMOsim3D and COSMOsar3D development and applications. Karin and Jens share responsibility for the COSMOtherm workshops.

Dr. Uwe Huniar – Theoretical Physicist

Prior to joining COSMOlogic in 2005, Uwe worked in the Ahlrichs group at the University of Karlsruhe where TURBOMOLE was created and developed for years. He is an expert for the TURBOMOLE program and maintains the source code. Together with Arnim and Michael he is responsible for the TURBOMOLE support. Uwe is also involved in the development of micelle applications with COSMO-RS and the COSMOmic tool.

Claudia Hozanović Steffen – Application Developer

Claudia joined COSMOlogic in 2005 as an application developer for the then newly launched COSMOthermX GUI. She is an experienced and versatile Java programmer and together with Cornelia Helleberg, Michael Suray and Rizo Tupković Rosenbaum she is engaged in the development of the COSMOthermX, TmoleX, and COSMOconf graphical user interfaces.

Dr. Arnim Hellweg – Physical Chemist

Arnim has worked at COSMOlogic since 2008. He has a strong background in high-level post Hartree-Fock and DFT quantum chemistry applications. Together with Uwe and Michael he is responsible for the TURBOMOLE support. At COSMOlogic he also develops chemoinformatics tools, including COSMOsim3D and COSMOsar3D.

Dr. Jens Reinisch – Computational Chemist

Jens joined COSMOlogic in 2009. Bringing a few years of business and marketing experience, he supports Andreas in this regard. He has gained a lot of experience in COSMOtherm applications and is engaged in further advancing the COSMO-RS method. Together with Frank, he is responsible for the COSMOtherm customer support. He also organizes and presents the COSMOtherm workshops together with Karin and provides customer-specific COSMOtherm training.

Dr. Christoph Loschen – Computational Chemist

After working for the Henkel company's scientific computing department for about three years, Christoph joined COSMOlogic in 2011. He develops and maintains the COSMOquick program. With experience gained in the consumer goods industry, he is engaged in finding new application areas for COSMO-RS and making them usable in high-throughput applications. Topics of his work include material science, polymers, cocrystal screening, and solubility calculation methods.

Larissa Koch – Computational Scientist

Larissa joined COSMOlogic in 2012. As a computational scientist with excellent programming skills she is part of the COSMOtherm development team. Together with Frank and Selman she develops and maintains the COSMOtherm source code and implements new approaches for advancing the COSMO-RS method in experimental program versions and is involved in evaluating and validating new developments.

Dr. Johannes Schwöbel – Computational Chemist

Johannes started at COSMOlogic in 2014, after working at Molecular Networks for three years. He has experience in chemoinformatics, toxicological assessment, metabolism, ADME and PBPK properties. Johannes is engaged in industrial consultancy projects involving different quantum chemical and chemoinformatics methods.

Rizvan (Rizo) Tupković Rosenbaum – Application Developer

Rizo joined COSMOlogic in 2014 to strengthen our application development team. With nearly 20 years' experience in application and web development, he is now engaged in maintaining and programming our graphical user interfaces together with Claudia Steffen Hozanvić, Cornelia Helleberg and Michael Suray.

Kirsten Teichmann – Administrative Assistant

Kirsten joined COSMOlogic in 2014 as our administrative assistant. She is the soul of our company, supporting us in all aspects of administrative management and also taking care of the little things.

Selman Terzi – Computational Scientist

Selman joined COSMOlogic in 2015. Holding a Master degree in computer sciences he is part of the COSMOtherm programming team. Together with Larissa and Frank he develops and maintains the COSMOtherm source code.

Maximilian (Max) Hahn - PhD student:

Max started at COSMOlogic in 2015 during the preparation of his master thesis about the augmentation of COSMO-RS theory with Equation-of-State methods. As our first PhD student, Max is mainly involved in the COSMO-RS-CF (COSMO-RS for compressible fluids) project.

Michael Suray – Application Developer

Michael joined COSMOlogic in 2018 to strengthen our application development team. Michael holds a Master degree in Informatics in the Natural Sciences and has about 10 years of professional experience in application and web development. He is now engaged in maintaining and programming our graphical user interfaces, together with Cornelia Helleberg, Claudia Steffen Hozanvić and Rizvan Tupković Rosenbaum.