Chapter 9
Second-order Møller–Plesset Perturbation Theory

 9.1 Functionalities of mpgrad, ricc2, and pnoccsd
  9.1.1 How to quote
 9.2 Some Theory
 9.3 How to Prepare and Perform MP2 Calculations
  Calculations with ricc2 and pnoccsd
  MP2 calculations with a ROHF reference state
  Calculations with mpgrad
 9.4 General Comments on MP2 Calculations, Practical Hints
  Comments on the Output
 9.5 RI-MP2-F12 Calculations
 9.6 LT-SOS-RI-MP2 with O(N4) scaling costs
 9.7 OSV-PNO-MP2 and OSV-PNO-MP2-F12 calculations