Quantum Chemistry at COSMOlogic


We are proud to announce, that after almost five years as successful redistributor, COSMOlogic has taken the full responsibility for the distribution, support, and software management of the quantum chemical program package TURBOMOLE, while the chief scientific coordination and rights reside in the group of Prof. Ahlrichs at the University of Karlsruhe.

Please find a letter by Prof. Ahlrichs on this topic here.

Find a welcome letter by Andreas Klamt here.

The products of COSMOlogic rely on an accurate description of the underlying COSMO solvation model. Quantum chemistry software like TURBOMOLE with an efficient implementation of both COSMO and quantum chemical methods like DFT always served as a powerful tool for generating highly accurate data as input for COSMO-RS.

For further information on license schemes, prices, and how to order TURBOMOLE, please  contact us under turbomole@cosmologic.de

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