Consumer Goods - Make Better Products!

Consumer goods include a broad range of products and many face fierce competition in the market. Almost all products in this market are either liquid or intended for usage in liquids, mostly aqueous solutions. Therefore, you will find COSMOtherm a valuable tool to speed up your product development or analyze and tackle scientific challenges you might face. This can be the advantage you need to stay ahead of the competition.

The right mixture (solubility & partition)

Find and optimize solvents, cosolvents or matrices to obtain the desired solubility for your flavors, fragrances, UV-filters and additives. Calculate in which phase your compounds will go, and determine whether they will accumulate inside the fatty phase or at the interface or just stay in the aqueous phase.

The right flavor & odor

Different aroma molecules will be differently influenced by the matrix they are embedded in. When changing the composition of your product, possible effects on smell or taste can be estimated by calculating the changes of activity coefficients or partial pressures of the ingredients.

Partitioning into micelles

Micelles are important for many consumer goods because micelles are often found in these products. Our COSMOmic tool provides unique access to micellar distribution properties, retaining the 3D-structure of the micelle, but being 10000 times faster and probably even more accurate than molecular dynamics simulations. See also "Amphiphilic Drug-Like Molecules Accumulate in a Membrane below the Head Group Region"