COSMOconf 4.2 released

Revised project tree

Jobs can be moved between the projects
The tree is more stable
A refresh job option has been added. It allows the user to get the status of a running remote job.

Revised Preferences panel

Especially the Remote Job panel has been cleaned up.

Batch Jobs

The results of the finished jobs can be saved while the other jobs are still running.

Template chooser

The revised template chooser should be more intuitive

New methods

For users who like to create their own job definition we have introduced new cluster routines: CLUSTER_DIVERS, CLUSTER_GEOCHECK_PLUS_DIVERS, CONF_SELECT. Please check the manual for further information.

Bug fixes

Beside some smaller bug fixes we have improved the treatment of special characters in job names which caused some problems on remote systems in older versions. The jobs will be automatically renamed if a problematic character is used. Furthermore the automatic TURBOMOLE identification has been improved.

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