TURBOMOLE 7.3 released

Released on July 12th 2018

COSMOtherm 18 released

Released on Mar. 15th 2018

Computational Fluid Phase Thermodynamics Course

08.-12.Oct.2018 at Univ. of Regensburg

COSMOquick 1.6 released

Released on Nov. 29, 2017

TURBOMOLE 7.2.1 released

Released on Nov. 24, 2017

COSMOconf 4.2 released

Released on Nov. 16, 2017

COSMObaseIL 1701 released

Released on Feb. 1. 2017

COSMObase 1701 released

Released on Feb. 1. 2017

SAMPL5 issue of JCAMD

Cover featuring artwork by COSMOlogic

COSMOtherm C30_1701 released

Released on Dec. 22nd 2016

Best contribution to SAMPL5 blind challenge

Paper published 26th Jul. 2016

COSMOtherm C30_1601 released

Release on Dec. 23rd 2015

COSMObase 1601 released

Release on Dec. 20th 2015

COSMObaseIL 1501 released

Revised conformations, 372 ionic lqiuids cations and 98 anions.

Screening the known chemical space in two projects

Screen for solvent candidates for Li-Air batteries and a an optimal working fluids for exhaust heat recovery.