COSMOtherm is the first publicly available COSMO-RS implementation and the only one from an author of COSMO-RS. Over 15 years of development by COSMOlogic make it the most advanced implementation on the market.


Avoid time-consuming quantum chemistry calculations by applying our high quality databases. The COSMObase will provide you with several thousand quantum chemically optimized compounds, each including up to 10 COSMO and gas phase conformations.


Our fully automated conformer generator. Don’t worry about conformations any longer as COSMOconf will use your input molecule and locate all conformations relevant for COSMOtherm. It is widely configurable to fit your needs.


A unique approach to simulate inhomogeneous systems such as micelles, interfaces and biomembranes. COSMOplex is up to 10000 times faster than molecular dynamics and provides access to many relevant properties.

COSMOmic & COSMOperm

Quickly get accurate membrane/micelle-water partition coefficients and membrane permeabilities of solutes and their free energy profiles. COSMOmic uses atomistic models to provide improved logP data.


COSMOsim3D is a unique tool for automatic and unsupervised field-based ligand-ligand alignment and similarity searches. COSMOsar3D uses the information on the aligned ligands as a set of molecular interaction fields for 3D-QSAR.


Our efficient and easy to use high-throughput solution. COSMOquick replaces quantum chemistry calculations by combining the quantum chemical information stored inside a database to represent the desired molecules.



Our state-of-the-art quantum chemistry suite. It excels in speed and robustness and has a focus on density functional theory and advanced high level methods. In addition, it features the best available integration with our COSMO-RS-based products.