It is hard to believe, but COSMO-RS turns 20 next year. On this occasion we organize our 4th COSMO-RS symposium on March 16-17, 2015 in the lovely city of Bonn.
In the tradition of the previous COSMO-RS symposia, this shall become an excellent occasion for the scientific presentation of all kinds of new and interesting developments and applications in the context of the COSMO-RS method and for the exchange and discussion of opinions and ideas on COSMO-RS with respect to strengths, weaknesses, and improvement potential of this still young method for thermodynamic property prediction in the liquid phase. Furthermore, it shall become a great opportunity for people interested, but not yet experienced in COSMO-RS, to get a theoretical introduction into COSMO-RS theory, a practical introduction to the COSMOtherm program, and to hear about the application areas and performance of COSMO-RS not only from the developers, but also from a large number of COSMO-RS users.


  • Thermodynamic equilibria and phase diagrams: VLE, LLE, SLE
  • Ionic liquids and electrolyte systems
  • Screening solvents, co-solvents, entrainers
  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Drug design
  • Environmental applications
  • Inhomogeneous systems: micelles, phase boundaries, micro-emulsions
  • Other applications: chromatography, QSPR,  polymers, ...
  • COSMO-RS modifications, parameterizations, extensions
  • Comparisons of COSMO-RS with other methods

Contributions based on re-implementations of COSMO-RS other then COSMOtherm are welcome!


Prof. Steven Abbott, TCNF
"Solubility theories for the real world: Current capabilities and future needs"

Dr. Martin Andersson, University of Copenhagen, NanoGeoScience, Nano-Science Center
"Extension of COSMO-RS to interfacial phenomena"

Dr. Peter Deglmann, BASF
"COSMO-RS Solvation for a Refined Description of Chemical Reactivity in the Condensed Phase"

Prof. Kai-Uwe Goss, Helmholtz-Center for environmental science, - UFZ, Leipzig
"Physicochemical Property Prediction for Environmental Research"

Prof. Stefan Grimme, University of Bonn, Institute for physical and theoretical chemistry
"Quantum Chemistry for Supramolecular Complexes"


Please download the full schedule as PDF: Schedule-Symposium2015.pdf


As last time we like to keep the cost as low as possible in order to enable participation for everybody interested in the symposium. As the registration is officially closed, we cannot provide fixed prices. Please inquire about prices for late registration.

Venue and transportation

GSI (Gustav-Stresemann-Institute) Langer Grabenweg 68,  53175 Bonn.
Nearest airports are

Cologne (CGN, ~ 1h public transport, 20 min/~30 € by taxi)
Frankfurt (FRA, ~ 1.5h public transport, either scenic directly to Bonn, or high speed train ICE to Siegburg, continued by tram)
Düsseldorf (DUS, ~ 1.5h our public transport, direct train from DUS to Bonn/Bad Godesberg)
Hahn (HHN): low budget airlines, several European destinations, ~ 3 hours by bus and train



After 23rd of January all hotel rooms must be reconfirmed by COSMOlogic and prices might vary!

(one registration per person plus accompanying person)
I intend to participate in the following optional events
Paper submission

Submissions for oral presentations (20-30 min) and posters should be made as soon as possible. The deadline for oral presentaion is the Jan. 31, 2018 and for posters Feb. 15, 2018. A registration is required before paper submission. According to our previous experience we expect that we will have to move some submissions for oral presentations to the poster session. Oral presentations will be selected based on quality and originality with some prioritization based on early submission.

or/and submit your abstract (maximum 1 page) to symposium@cosmologic.de