COSMO-RS-Symposium 2018

5th-COSMO-RS-Symposium (March 6-8, 2018)

The last COSMO-RS Symposium in 2015 was a great success with many interesting talks and fruitful discussions. In a continued effort to provide a regular platform for scientific exchange, we are now planning the 5th COSMO-RS Symposium.
We welcome all people who are interested in the COSMO-RS methodology with all of its extensions, including long-term users, fresh users, as well as newcomers. As usual, it will be an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in the context of COSMO-RS, or just to learn the basics from our team as well as from other users.




  • Thermodynamic equilibria and phase diagrams: VLE, LLE, SLE
  • Ionic liquids and electrolyte systems
  • Screening solvents, co-solvents, entrainers
  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Drug design
  • Environmental applications
  • Inhomogeneous systems: micelles, phase boundaries, micro-emulsions
  • Other applications: chromatography, QSPR,  polymers, ...
  • COSMO-RS modifications, parameterizations, extensions
  • Comparisons of COSMO-RS with other methods

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Keynote speakers

  • Dr. Oliver Koch, Linde Engineering
  • Prof. Dr. Irina Smirnova, Institute of Thermal Separation Processes, TU Hamburg-Harburg
  • Dr. Simone Tomasi, Astra Zeneca
  • Dr. Rainer Wilcken, Novartis
  • Prof. Michelle L. Coote, Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University, Canberra

Schedule (download detailed Schedule as PDF)

  • Tuesday morning: Introductory lecture for COSMO-RS newcomers.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: One and a half day of presentations on the various applications and theoretical aspects of COSMO-RS.
  • Tuesday evening we will have an extended poster session with buffet dinner, beer and discussions.
  • Thursday morning there will be workshops for TURBOMOLE, COSMOtherm and other COSMOlogic tools for those in software training.

Important dates

  • Registration is open and ends 31. Jan. 2018
  • Oral presentation submission until 31. Jan. 2018
  • Poster abstracts until 15. Feb. 2018


  • 6. - 7. March, 1 night single room, 2 days symposium incl. all meals as per itinerary; 390 Euro
  • 6. - 8. March, 2 nights single room, 2 days symposium and 1 day workshop, incl. evening excursion and meals as per itinerary; 525 Euro
  • Pre- and post-nights and double rooms are available on request