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Excited states from time-dependent density functional theory by P. Elliott, K. Burke, and F. Furche.

Which Density Functional should I choose? By D. Rappoport, N. R. M. Crawford, F. Furche, K. Burke.

TDDFT in Chemistry and Biochemistry by Dmitrij Rappoport
Part 1:
Part 2:

Developing and Applying TURBOMOLE by Florian Weigend.

Beyond Hartree-Fock: MP2 and Coupled Cluster Methods for Large Systems. By Christof Hättig.

On the calculation of excited state difference densities slides by Mikael Johansson.

Introduction to TURBOMOLE by Sergio Boixo.

Absorbtion and emission spectra of formaldehyde with TmoleX Nino Runeberg.

Hands-on sessions about DFT by Alexej Bagrets.